Todo.txt is a text file you can manage on iOS, Android, and at the Command Line all while staying in sync using Dropbox.

Download for: apple android terminal

for iOS, Android and the Command Line

  • x (A) Visit Todo.txt site @Computer
  • (B) Read why Todo.txt is amazing +Reading
  • Install the Command Line Tool @Terminal
  • Sync with Dropbox @Computer
  • Install Todo.txt’s iOS or Android app @Phone

Many people try dozens of complicated todo apps, only to go right back to their todo.txt file.

But it's not easy to open todo.txt, make a change, and save it—especially on smart phones and at the command line. Todo.txt solves that problem.

Todo.txt uses a simple set of rules that make Todo.txt both human and machine-readable. The format supports priorities, creation and completion dates, tags and contexts.

Tags and contexts can be added to your todos with '+' and '@' like this

Do dishes +chores @home

Prioritize todos with '(letters)'

(A) Do dishes +chores @home

(B) Do dishes +chores @home

Complete a todo with an 'x'

x Do dishes +chores @home

That's it. You're not going to find checkboxes, drop-downs, reminders, or date pickers. Simply a text file.

Edit anywhere

We've built iOS and Android apps as well as a Command Line Tool that lets you edit your todo list anywhere you are.